Monday, January 9, 2017

Tree of Life Breastfeeding Pics (How To)

I'm a few weeks behind on this beautiful trend, but I had so much fun playing in the PicsArt app and I wanted to share my own #TreeofLife creations.

If you haven't heard how to create your own, 

1. Download the PicsArt App

2. Get the Tree of Life sticker pack and/or do a Google image search for tree images

3. Open up your breastfeeding pic to edit it

4. Sticker: Select your favorite tree sticker, then size and position it 

4. Google image: Scroll through the bottom selections and select "Add Photo"
a. Add the tree pic you want, then size and position it
b. Out of the new list of options on the bottom, select "Blend"
c. Scroll through the options to see what works with your selected picture and apply (I had the best luck with the "Overlay" and "Multiply" options)
5. Select the "Magic" button and apply your favorite effect/filter.

6. Play with the other options to add additional elements or play with the look of your pic!

Different filters looked better on different pictures.

I played with lens flares, stamps, stickers, and the hue of the pictures, too. There are so many options to explore in the app to create your own unique pic.

I also experimented with how different trees looked with the different magic effects. These two trees were my favorites. So pretty!

I love, love, love how these pictures look. They're magical and beautiful like works of art. I love the symbolism, based on our real life anatomy, that celebrates how we nurture and feed our precious little ones. And I spent way too much time playing in the app because it was so fun!

Which is how Hulk Baby happened. Way too much time. :D

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